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A Brilliant Valedictory Success

On Saturday 12th, the annual Taibah school concert whose theme was the “TAIBAH AIPORT “was held at Akamwesi mall gardens and proves a very successful and enjoyable phenomenon.

The garden was filled in every part and colorful. Unfortunately, parents were turned down due to the overspreading Ebola disease in Uganda. Though, they were able to watch the concert live on the you-tube Taibah channel.

The program was contributed by all classes from Nursery to primary seven where each class presented the arts of different countries at the Taibah airport.

Fashion from the kg1 was so marvelous and charming in effect.

Other classes showcased dances from different countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, India, Mexico, France, Botswana, Egypt, South Africa, USA, Tanzania, DRC, Ethiopian, Rome, Rwanda, UAE, etc.

Some classes in their respective countries were landing at the Taibah airport whereas others were boarding and they all performed and proved a very bright and entertaining piece.

A play was performed by the primary five Firefinch in a manner that reflected the great presidents from different countries like Uganda, England, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, and the USA in the demand of what they are fighting for their countries which provided a very laughable turn.

At around 11:30 pm, the primary seven candidates were awarded certificates and congratulated upon finishing their Primary Leaving Examinations and wished them a great and happy farewell.

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