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A Carnival

This was the most colourful, craftful festival filled with creativity that took place on Sports Day.

One day at school, all pupils in their respective houses were called upon by their different house patrons (teachers)for practice for sports day, while practising we were told to sit and listen carefully. The teachers started talking about the carnival, that will take place on sports day, the teachers told us to bring all the colourful things we had e.g. sunglasses, umbrellas e.t.c.

Teachers were up and down trying to see if their house would win the carnival they applied all the creativity they had.

On the day of sports day when the carnival was about to start children started wearing what they had brought and it looked nice the blue house led the carnival then the red house, the yellow house and lastly green house. It was so good the parents went from clapping to removing their phones to take videos. Red House members were the victors of the carnival, what they did was marvellous.

The carnival was the best and most colourful thing parents had ever seen before. Parent liked it so much they even sent it on Tiktok on their WhatsApp and to all social media’s.

By: Silvan  Ebwalu 


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