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A celebration to crown a spectacular event

Education with a difference is a motto that has instilled different values among the students that attend this school. The vigour and encouragement portrayed by the teachers ensure that all goes according to plan. There are some events organized by the school which are meant to make students relax from the daily routine of study. It also helps in the overall development of students as it requires a presentation of the skills of the students. One such event arranged in our school is theatre party.

On the 7th of April 2023, Taibah re-opened its doors to one of its most glorious events. The theatre production allowed every student in the Taibah schools to embrace their talents, creativity and build confidence within them. And to crown the event, on the 1st of June, theatre party was held to congratulate all students who sacrificed their time, effort and energy into the event.

Theatre party is a momentous occasion to participate for those who took part in theatre production. It normally takes place the following term in a location within the school grounds. We have our pictures taken, we are provided with a meal and drinks and at the end we enjoy the music played. The involvement of students is encouraged as this is a way to discover new talents.

We were organised by the A-level participants who worked hand-in-hand with both the teaching and non-teaching staff. It was a glorious day but sadly had to come to an end. It is days like those where we learn something new about the school environment and the people in it. We all appreciate all the effort that the principal put into the day, the appearance of the head teacher, the teachers in charge of the program and all cast members and indeed this is an event to look forward to again.

Priscilla Mungati

Year 12 Royals

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