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A Christmas Festival

Hello, I am going to talk about a Christmas festival.

A Christmas festival is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For those of you who don’t know

Jesus, he is the son of God. On Christmas day Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Now I would like to

tell you the story. One day, in the time of King Herod there was a virgin and a young carpenter, their names were Mary and Joseph. One night, there came an angel called Gabriel and told Mary that God sent him to tell her that she was going to have a baby boy

and that she shall call Immanuel meaning God is

with us.

Then a few nights later Angel Gabriel came back, but this time he went to Joseph

and told him that Mary had a baby boy in her from the Lord and you must name him

Immanuel. The next day Mary married Joseph. A few weeks later they set off to their home town

/Bethlehem\. When they arrived went to look for a place to stay in. When they found out all the

inns were full. Then they came upon an inn and asked if they could stay for the night the

innkeeper said there were no rooms left, but they could stay in his shed. Then three shepherds saw a bright star in the sky. A voice spoke and said follow the star and you will see your future King. They followed the star to a shed. The shepherds asked if they could worship him.

A few years later, the three wise men saw a star shining bright. They thought of what they would give their savior and they said gold, myrrh, and incense. They also followed the star to the place where Jesus was.

When they reached the house, they also worshiped him and gave him myrrh, incense, and gold.

By Malaika Kelani Nyaruai

P.3 Gannet

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