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The theatre production! What an experience!

Something I will live to remember. We all know that feeling, right? Severally, I dropped out because of so many reasons. This year, it was exceptional!

I took part in singing and the Larakaraka dance. It was so beautiful and most importantly fun because it was far away from my culture. It felt good to experience dance from a different cultural perspective.

From the beginning of the practice, the courage to finally take part, the struggle to master the dance, and keep up with the pace. All the way to make friends who were willing to go as far as helping with mastering the footsteps. Thank you, Tahira!

Special thanks to our teachers for their tireless efforts especially in making us better at it for example Tr. Alice, Tr. Dina, Tr. Leticia, Tr. Bennard, Tr. Jimmy and Tr. Harouna and also great thanks to the principal of Taibah Schools Mr Oscar Musoke who was the head of theatre production. Together we made it. What other way to makes us proud!

Finally, on 7th April 2023! Good Friday! The day that was! We made us proud, we made our teachers proud! We made our parents proud, we made our school stand out. We mesmerised our crowd! The hard work paid off! We stood out!


Senior Six Falcons

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