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A Flight to the Taibah Airport

Valedictory is a farewell concert carried out annually to send off our candidates in Primary seven and year 6 from the Cambridge section with an aim of thanking God for the protection and providence throughout the year.

We chose to have training about a waltz dance from British. Waltz dance was amazing because of the dance moves of moving up and down while on our toes. Every boy was wearing a black suit, white shirt, and red bow tie not forgetting the gentle black shoes. The girls were wearing white Cinderella dresses, flower crowns, and very nice white shoes.

On the D’ Day, all Taibah pupils went to Akamwesi where we were to have the occasion. First, the stage was written on ‘THE TAIBAH AIRPORT’ which was the theme and a model of an airplane that we boarded to go to the United Kingdom. The weather was not favorable, but we were eager to present a waltz dance all the way from the British. They had organized tents for us where we even had our snacks and yogurt from.

After all the other classes performed it was time for us to go to the stage and I was the class mistress of the ceremony. I knew that my parents were busy watching me on YouTube. So, I made sure that I do my best that I did.

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