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A News Report: Students raise money for a good course

A group of seven students from Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa organized a walkathon to raise money for the Cancer Society on March 25th 2011. This was because it was said that many of the student’s family members were suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment. The students decided to raise money by organizing a walkathon last Thursday. The event was very successful and raised over $5,000 in only one day over 600 students participated in their homeroom classes by raising pledges of at least $10 each. When the students were asked why they decided to raise money, they said they felt it was their duty to do something for the community that in the end might help their own families too. These students did a great job and I hope they will do the said principal Danes. 

The event was such a success.

Hasifa Aila Luyiga, Yr.6 Rook

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