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A Night to Remember: My Reign as Queen at the African Day & Night Celebration

Stepping into the role of Queen at the African Day and Night celebration was a surreal and memorable experience. The annual event is a vibrant, diverse, and culturally rich gathering that showcases all African countries represented by different Taibah classes.

My journey began when I was chosen as Queen through a rigorous modelling selection process. I was both honoured and humbled to represent the essence of African culture at this prestigious event. The crowning ceremony was a truly emotional moment for me, as I stood before a captivated audience, my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation. I received a beautifully adorned crown and a sash that I keep till today.

The African Day celebration was a vibrant and dynamic affair that took place under the open sky. The event featured an array of activities, from traditional culinary delights to an exciting modelling contest. The atmosphere was electric, with the joyous sound of drums and the colourful attire of the attendees creating an enchanting spectacle.

The day was concluded with dance performances and the awarding of the best classes based on dance and food presentation.

This year I hand over to the next Queen, and I would like to thank Taibah for the opportunity. I wish for the next Queen to feel the same because this moment is an ever-lasting memory.

Rihab: Queen 2022-2023

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