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A note from the performing Arts department.

A mere thank you is not enough; I would go to the moon to show how grateful I am to the team that worked tirelessly to make my department shine. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself; this was the work of ‘teams’

Having a fantastic production after nearly four years of rust could be compared to reviving a marriage at the divorce stage, but who thought? Was it not you that made it happen? Wasn’t it your tireless effort, the sleepless nights, the long days of thoughts and of course pulling off a few dollars from your pocket?

The Baganda have a saying that “entasiima ebula ajiwa’ so, today I have come to appreciate everyone who made the show a success starting off with the students in the choir whose angelic voices and the level of uniformity were out of this world. Then, the dancers, what well-choreographed moves! they surely inspired me to be in high school one more time. To the outstanding cast, I fail to control my emotions when I start to talk about the journey we had, at the end, everything was worth the try; I was pleased with everyone’s zeal, the eagerness to learn and the commitment to accomplish every day’s target! For many years to come, I will use this cast as a point of reference. What more could I ask for if I have Terry Kadu, Phylicia Awelo, Maria Nabibuga, Dawn Ichumar, Seanice Nagawa, Trisha and Kassim, these student leaders were very instrumental in the production. I don’t remember how many times I could call Terry’s name in a day, till now, I still call every child TERRY! I am super proud of her and the team of students she led. It was their commitment that bound them intellectually and emotionally to this production. Bravo!

To the production team, I would need an entire year to talk about the works of these super teachers. What talent! What fidelity! What flair… If you were wondering what skills one could use to have the choir and the band work effectively, you would definitely turn to teachers JIMMY AND JOYCE, and with a calm spirit, you have the melody. Ha! Did you see those dance moves that would have attracted a golden buzzer on America has got talent stage? Probably, you thought we hired someone from The Ghetto kids’ group to train, but look, teachers Faith and Benard choreographed everything with assistance from our very own student CALVIN! I know that you envied the costume and how well it blended with the African makeup, well, that was the work of teachers Ritah, Providence, Christine, Pajob and Saphrah. As for Leticia and Dinah, whom I worked closely with on the script, I would wish to work with you every single day of my life. You are not only the most quick-witted people that I know but also the most committed beings I have ever met.

To Swangz Avenue and buzz events group, your team spirit is the most idiosyncratic of GEN Z, the professionalism and the desire to see everything perfect still gives me butterflies. You are such a rare species that will continue to inspire the generations to come. The Taibah team of teachers and support staff, are surely ‘a work of a good tapper!’ May you continue to tap as our forefathers ordained during a theatre production. The big question is, if our dearest parents, friends and well wishes had not turned up, would it have been a feast? Not at all, it would have ended in tears, but if it did, these were tears of joy. Thank you for turning up, such numbers were august and mesmerizing.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of the giants, dearest OSM, may your shoulders never tire of holding us as we move Taibah to greater heights. Merci beaucoup!

Teacher Alice

Head of Performing Arts.

Taibah International School Secondary.

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