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A plant as a living thing.

One of the topics we have had this term has been living things. Living things are things that have life. A plant is one of the things I know that have life because it grows, some of the characteristics of living things are; living things have life, reproduce, they respond to stimuli. During our class practical lessons, I planted beans. I provided my self-materials like a tin, soil, water and beans too.

After planting in my tin, I put small holes under it, I took it outside so that my plant gets sunlight so that the leaves do not change to yellow. I kept on checking on them every day but after three days, I developed a smile on my face because I saw the beans coming out. I kept on watering and observing them until when I harvested them. I learnt that even if I don’t have space for planting crops, I can easily use the resources in the environment and be successful.

By Kujang Joy.

Year One.

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