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I feel honoured to welcome you all to this graduation celebration. This is not only a graduation day, but its also a great day for thanksgiving, for all we give glory and honour to God for having protected us against Covid 19. Truly, his grace and love never fail us.

A vote of thanks to the entire Taibah school community for guidance and support rendered to see us through successfully.

Special thanks go to all kindergarten teachers for having guided us, taught us, and nurtured our talents. We shall never forget you for your effort.

To our beloved parents and guardians, thank you for all the parental guidance and sacrifice that you have provided endlessly. As you can see your effort is now bearing fruits as we graduate today. We are now ready to join the next level of education as we struggle for a bright future.

Lastly, to my fellow learners, thank you for the cooperation and friendliness exhibited. I hereby advise you to continue pursuing your future dreams of excellence.

Thank you for reading, and may God bless you.

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