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A Trip to an Important Place

My name is Shantel Muwanga N, am in p.2 spoonbill.

Every year in the third term, we have a trip as primary two children, and here we adventured to three important places, that is to say, post office, Uganda Museum and finally we ended our day in Akamwesi mall for some shopping.

After the sixth week of the term, teacher Saubah, our head told us that we were to have a trip, so she requested us to inform our parents and be ready. On a sunny beautiful Tuesday, we saw the bus entering our school and we were excited at around 8; 45am. We were directed by our class teacher Rahma to move out and go on the bus. She started roll calling, and whoever would call moved directly into the bus. At exactly 9 am sharp, we set off for our trip, and we started by visiting the post office, here we sent letters to our parents through the post box number of our school. Thereafter, we went to the Uganda museum, there was a lot of fun because we saw very many interesting things from long ago that were there before our birth like the bones of animals, cultural wear, I can’t break them down and finish. At the museum, it is where we got our lunch and drinks from.

At around, 3 pm we left the Uganda museum and headed to Akamwesi which was our last place to visit, there we entered the supermarket and shopped for whatever we wanted because our parents had given us money to do the shopping. It was really epic. After that, we headed back to school and found our parents waiting for us. It was really a massive and interesting day.


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