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A Trip to the Meteorological Center

Here in Taibah, each class gets a minimum of at least two trips in a year. My class’ first trip happened on Tuesday morning in the month of October. For me, it was my first time on the school bus. On reaching school in the morning, I remembered that I was going on a trip to the Meteorological Centre. I was so excited to be going that I started shivering! Then time came for us to enter the bus. However, the matrons were not allowing pupils without sweaters and neckties to board the bus. After everyone had boarded, the matrons started packing our breakfast and lunch. After that, we set off for the Meteorological Centre.

Along the way, we saw many landmarks like a football ground, lakes, big trees, valleys and many others. When we were about to reach the Meteorological Centre, we saw many aircraft like planes and helicopters. When we reached , we found a totally different school with their teachers learning about the Stevenson screen. Their teacher told them to go into the building where workers save the information about the weather. After they had gone, they asked us which school we came from. We replied Taibah International School, Primary. After knowing our school, the teacher started asking us questions correctly. Then the teacher showed us how a rain gauge works. This trip was the best trip ever! Thank You Taibah.

Alberta Guma, P.4 Velvet

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