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A Trip to the Museum

The trip started when it was around time to have our next lesson. My class teacher told us to tuck in our chairs and walk in a line to the bus. When we reached the bus, our teacher told us to enter the bus quickly and silently.

When we entered the bus, we were surprised to find year 2 Bluetit and yr.2 Canary was already on the bus waiting for us! Then the driver started to drive the bus out of the school and going to the main road. We were at first not sure where to go, but then the Tr. said that we were going to the Uganda museum and the bakery. We were first going to the Uganda Museum. It was amazing! The museum was huge, and we saw fossils and traditional clothes that used to be used and much more. After the Uganda museum, we went to the washrooms. After the washrooms, we headed to the bakery. At the bakery, they taught us how to make cake, bread, gorillo’s and much more. After the bakery, we had a delicious lunch with sodas. Then we headed back to school with the school bus. And we found our parents there.

Sophia Agaba, Yr.3 Bluebird

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