A Visit to Rocket Health Centre

In Taibah Junior School, its our culture to practice hands on lessons. So one day, our teacher gave us a topic about technology in the health sector. We didn’t know about the new things in the health sector and our teacher thought of mobile treatment. Since Rocket health is known as the leading digital health company in Uganda, we had to visit them and see real things they use and how they work.

Our headteacher together with our teacher organised a visit on 10th June which was successful. We learnt that they treat people from everywhere, at work, at home even at home.

Blood samples are done, delivery of results and also medicine can find you without reaching any hospital.

When we came back to school, we practiced what we saw and we had to show our parents because many didn’t know about mobile treatment. And since we learnt and taught our parents, our class primary one won the Exposition.

Long live Rocket health Uganda.

Musanje Elton Kateregga
Primary One Falcon

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