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Acts of Kindness Week is one of the important weeks at Taibah International School. First of all, we help the needy and donate things to them, especially basic needs. My class, P.7 Weaverbird bought things and we visited an old blind lady. She was happy to receive us and prayed for us. We therefore proceeded to another old lady but sadly she had passed on, so we couldn’t take back what we had bought for her but we gave another old lady the things. Other classes like P.7 Pigeon scrubbed the stairs of the lower staff quarters, P.6 Crested Crane made kindness cards for the whole school, Yr.6 Parakeet collected money for old people, Yr.4 Goldfinch cleaned the school compound, P.2 Peacock swept the compound and Yr.5 Hornbill cleaned classrooms in nursery school and lower primary and lower Cambridge and many more.

Sheena Nyakato, P.7 Weaverbird

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