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Well, Africa Day was dedicated to our tribes. It was meant to make us love and be proud of our motherland. Oh my God! Everybody looked so beautiful. So, we took pictures. I learnt about many tribes. It was like the best day of life. In the afternoon we were called at the nursery gardens for assembly. I love the way the Batooro group danced it was very exciting. Also, the Northern Ugandans danced very well. When it reached Miss Africa time. Shiloh Mudola from Eastern Uganda was crowned as Miss Africa, Taibah. I felt so proud of my friend. All her tribemates were very excited and happy. Well, this day was unbelievable. My tribe didn’t win but, I was just showing people that we are all Africans and we should love our motherland. It came to time when we had to announce the winner of cultural day and the winners was Eastern Ugandan.

REBECCA AMOU, Yr. 6 Parakeet

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