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Sports Day is an annual event that we look forward to as children at Taibah International School Junior. The sports houses took off time to practice every day after classes in preparation for the final game’s day. The winning house is always recognized. The winning house is always given a trophy and the participants’ medals which are gold, silver, and bronze.

The children reported as early as 6:30 am at the school. There were Taibah vans to transport the children to the Kawempe Muslim pitch. Every house was given a location in the tent. The pupils were supposed to stay organized in their tents until they were called upon to take part in the game. The parents were also given tents to sit in as they cheered their children to victory. The pupils were happy to see their parents come to see them as they played.

This year’s sports day was different for me. I was selected to be a part of the MCs of the day. The role of the MC was to call on the participating houses, call order, announce, and describe the games as they were played. I practised daily to make sure I had the script correct.

The houses competed in games such as swimming, running, bicycle race, and football. The fun part of the day was seeing some of the children's parents and teachers participate in the activities. Each house cheered its members as they participated. The children were excited and enjoyed themselves.

All the houses did well in the games but there had to be one overall winner. The red house won the total points, and they shouted songs of victory. I want to thank Taibah International School Junior for allowing us to participate in sports. I learnt that when you work hard and practice, you will always get a good performance.

Jolah Jodelle

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