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In the catholic church, there are seven sacraments and we have to receive one at a time for example confirmation, of course, everyone knows confirmation it’s the time when we receive the Holy Spirit and its seven gifts. It might sound boring but it’s actually very important. On our confirmation day, non-Catholics thought it would be boring but honestly, it turned out to be a very holy experience for us, having our friends and family watching us get confirmed is something we shall not forget. In the morning at around 9:00 am we gathered at the administration block to welcome the Monsignor [priest]. People cheered and celebrated. Some people were dressed like queens and kings especially our friends Vale, Vanessa, Kendra, Martha, Athieng, and Calvin. That day, we felt very holy because we took another step into God’s family. The venue for the confirmation celebration was decorated very nicely with a red carpet, beautiful flowers, and magnificent tents for us the conformants and the parents. The event started off with a simple prayer then we began the mass. In the middle of the mass the Monsignor called the confirmants to receive the Holy Spirit and its seven gifts and after the confirmants were done they called up the children who were doing getting First Holy Communion to come and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. After the Monsignor had blessed the confirmants, they called them back to do solemn communion/ oath. After the mass had ended, people went to the food corners to eat and have a mouthwatering lunch! After eating, our parents were free to take us home to rest. But it was really an amazing holy experience hoping to do it again next year.

Paula. Q & Joan. M, P.6 CC

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