Art Afternoon

This is a special afternoon in Cambridge that took place in or around the Taibah Gardens. It was an event to let the children of Taibah International School Cambridge section, to bring out their creativity and put it all on a piece of paper using different colours. The day finally came and people seemed very excited. Like any usual day, we started by having a numeracy lesson, science and kitchen time lesson. Then, after eating sloppy joe which we always eat on Fridays, it was time for ART AFTERNOON.

All classes of Cambridge went down to the Taibah Gardens with paint, acrylic paint and large white papers. Finally reaching, children cut up some old plastic bottles, poured in paint and got stated. There was a really amazing girl in Y.6 Parakeet called Gabriella Mukisa. She decided to paint a black tree with different coloured leaves. Another girl called Shalom Bukuluki designed a beautiful sunset in a wonderful black city. As you can see art afternoon really brings out people’s creativity.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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