As I Get Closer to Checkpoint

From the time I was in year one, I have heard about checkpoint and how it is your final exam in Cambridge, primary. I have heard stories that if you fail checkpoint you repeat year six and do not go to college, until you pass. I have heard people can repeat year six multiple times if you don’t pass checkpoint, but my biggest fear is repeating the whole of primary. So I know if you fail checkpoint, it can be embarrassing.

There are so many ways of failing checkpoint. It can be bad and embarrassing. But just imagine, failing checkpoint and finding the year six class you were in, in college while you’re still in primary. As I get closer to checkpoint, I feel I have to work harder because I can’t risk failing.

I know that checkpoint is only months away. As every day passes checkpoint is getting closer and the pressure to pass is increasing. I am working hard to make my parents proud. As checkpoint gets closer I can see people working harder, because we only have next term to sit for checkpoint.

As we get closer to checkpoint, I am getting more nervous every day, I work harder every day because I know I have to pass. We have just done mocks which are one of the important exams before checkpoint, which means checkpoint is just around the corner. So we have to work harder.

Many people have passed checkpoint while some people have failed, and I want to be among the number of pupils who have passed checkpoint, so I have to start preparing for checkpoint, so we have to start working hard now.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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