Assembly Theme

It was very exiting when our class teacher told us that we are doing a theme presentation on Friday. We took a long time trying and trying to practice until we got everything in our heads. Then one day our class teacher fell sick and most times we would not practice and that gave us a hard time to practice and do it properly, so we had Tr. Stanley as the person to help us to do our presentation.

Our theme was theft. I acted as the sister to the girl from whom they stole. My first time holding a microphone. I got very scared and I thought I was to stammer on stage. I would pray to God so that I cannot be very scared on that day. I would also practice and practice until I got everything in my brain. On Thursday I forgot all my words and I would not believe it was a Thursday. As soon as I remembered, I practiced again and again and again. When I had finished practicing I prayed so that mistakes should not happen again. When the day of the theme came, I was surprised that I got all the words in my head and I thanked God.

P.6 Wrens

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