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Bad Minton is a fun game. It is all about winning and losing. In badminton, we use shuttles and rackets. All you need to do is to hold the racket firmly and shoot the shuttle. If it lands on the ground the other side across the net, then that is a point for you. In the same way, if it lands on your side then that is a point for your opponent. In case the shuttle fails to cross the net and it remains on your side, the point is for your opponent. At our school, term one is always a Sports Term. During this term, we have different sports to play and badminton is one of them. These sports compete amongst four houses. For badminton in particular, Elgon Yellow took the trophy. This is because they did enough training, focused on the game and paid attention to the weakness of the opponent. Their top scorer was Yout Majier.

Kato Josiah, P.7 Goldcrest

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