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Basketball is a sport that involves two teams of five, going against each other, trying to score as many points as they can. The foundation place of the sport is in Massachusetts. Basketball can be played in a team or by oneself. The main objective of the sport is to dribble the ball around the court and shoot in a circular ring called a hoop. A hoop is an orange ring that is connected to a net The purpose of the net is to indicate whether the ball entered the hoop or not. There are also different types of basketball, for instance, school basketball, college/university basketball, Division 1 basketball, and NBA basketball.

NBA is a program involving teams from different states around the USA competing for a championship yearly. A player known to be Michael Jordan who was crowned the “Greatest of All Time” is an inspiration to all as he has had a successful career. He is also a CEO of an expensive brand known to be “Air Jordan”.

People who enjoy basketball are inspired by him as he taught us never to give up on what we love and to always pursue our dreams even in the hardest of situations. He has also shown loyalty to his teammates. That is why basketball is what is it today around the world.

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