Being A Prefect

My name is Victoria Agaba and I am currently the head girl of Taibah International School.

In Taibah, it's unacceptable to have leader bullies. Leader bullies are basically bullies but because they are leaders they use their power of leadership to threaten others into doing what they want. This is unacceptable and it will make pupils fear you. The teachers will also see you as a student that wants to be served. This year the teachers and administration appointed prefects for 2022-2023. To be a prefect, a pupil must have the following skills: Confidence, responsibility, reliability and kindness.

As a prefect, we must abide by all the rules and regulations of the school. This means as a prefect we must not break any school rules as it might give a bad impression to the other learners. They will think it is okay to go against the rules of Taibah International School-Primary.

YR.6 Parakeet

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