Being Self-Actualised

The concept of being self-actualised was simplified by the 20th century by the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow, saying, “What a man can be, he must be. This is what we may call self-actualised.” In other words, being self-actualised can be espied as the state of one fulfilling his human potential naturally to become a better person, by expanding his creativity and making his experiences more intense for a better lifespan.

So, self-actualised persons comprise of a personal contentment, spiritual awareness, and expressions of creativity for improved being. Since self-actualisation is based on leveraging one’s abilities to reach their potential, it is a very individual process that can be used to probably vary significantly from person to person. What makes a self-actualised person? Abraham mentioned a variety of characteristics such as being realistic, independent, comfortable with solitude, empathetic, ecstatic, having a unique way of viewing things, having self-acceptance, to mention but a few.

Thus, most self-actualised people have, to strive yonder the scope of their rudimentary needs to unbridle their full latent. A person can only achieve self-actualisation by attaining maturity to assess themselves in an optimistic and sensible way thus approaching achievement of their goals. So, once a person achieves self-actualisation, they will be able to achieve everything possible within their abilities because of the unique characteristics they have.

Thus, self-actualisation makes a person be at absolute calm level and satisfied with whatever they have with realistic efforts to achieve everything possible within their boundaries. Self-actualised people are not mortified of their drawbacks. They own up their slip-ups and take their catastrophes light-heartedly. A

self-actualised person subsists and relishes the contemporary moment. They also neither linger on the past nor feel fraught with worries of the forthcoming. Self-actualisation is not only a driving force in our lives but also a worthy goal on its own, a person can have. Self-actualised persons take time; thus, it is something they don’t attain in a blink of an eye, they gradually work towards its approach. Fortuitously enough, one doesn’t need to be fully self-actualised such that they can reap some of its many plunders.

The act of trying to become more actualized can be of assistance to an individual to become more open, tolerant, and gratified with his current life. To be self-actualised is a very important aspect we should all

have because it is one way of achieving dreams, which means that it is your grasp to become anything that sparks our passion. Self-actualisation the crucial aspect for life!

Bethsheeba Ruth
S2 Titans

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