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The internet and technology are both beautiful inventions. Billions of people and gadgets around the world precisely elegantly joined by a series of webs and wires as if all part of some grand design. These two buddies simplify modern life and will continue to do so. However, does that mean they’re no drawbacks?

If you’re reading this article, you probably have experience with the internet-in fact, you’re probably reading this article on your phone or computer right now. If it’s true then there’s probably some company somewhere in the middle of Europe or even Asia with knowledge of your whereabouts, who you are, what you do all your activities. Not to creep you out but these ‘tech’ companies know so much about us that anytime, any day we could be exploited. God knows their selling our data to other companies for money. Selling our data because they have no funds and their owners are destitute. They have millions if not billions of investments off of people’s lives and growing technology market. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that 4.7% of people hesitate to buy new technology because of concerns of privacy.

Of course there is the majority who get a thrill knowing they’re exclusive-with the latest phone, laptop, and update. Buying tech like everyday groceries. This is a plague eating away the population. Others are professionals who buy the new tech out of curiosity, intrigued by the new ideas and how they’ve been implemented. In search, of how to improve a product of their own. Sadly, the minority are the normal people. Who buy new tech when they find it necessary.

Truth is that there is no clear answer whether you should buy that new phone or not or is they’re going to be drawbacks are not, but it’s is best not to waste your money constantly buying things you don’t need. If you have a genuine interest, follow the news rather than signing up every new thing that pops up. If you still want to buy something, be willing to give up a little of your privacy.

In conclusion, buying new technology can be different but be aware of the financial and security implications.



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