Bicycle Race

I love bicycle racing because every time I ride my bicycle I feel like a champion. One night I dreamt of being a bicycle racer in United States of America. I was the first in the race I got one medal and a big trophy. I won like fifty-four medals and trophies. When I woke up, I felt like training how to become the best bicycle racer in the world. So I got so interested, I watched many bicycle races. So I tried to copy bicycle moves. No matter how hard I tried, I failed. But in my heart, I encouraged myself not give up. So I tried again and I did it. I felt so happy. I screamed so loud that my mum said, “Liam, what is wrong, have you seen a ghost! I said no. Then I told her about what I did. She was amazed. She went to the market to buy a cake, a packet of sweets and soda. We celebrated a party which we enjoyed the party.

P.5 Cardinal

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