Birthday Fun!

Growing older each year is fun when you are together with family and most especially with friends. Within the first term of the school, Year 6 Parakeet has not been experiencing the birthday fun. Until the second term started, Parakeet could finally enjoy the birthday fun.

The very first birthday girl was my friend Precious Tendo. She was really excited about her birthday. Her facial expression showed me that she was all grown up that day. Once her cake, soda and toffees came, she knew that now was the time to mature like an adult.

Next, Nehemiah Mazinga (another friend) celebrated his birthday on Africa Day. He never knew that his cake was coming to school. It was sort of a surprise party. The look on his face was amazing. Cake, soda and samosa. That was a day he would never forget!

Finally, we had our very first combined birthday party. Both my very good friends; Nailah Mugume and Gabriella Mukisa were both born on the same day in the same year. Although Gabriella celebrated her birthday on the morning of the Edith Car wash, it was held in Yr.6 Parakeet with a surprise performance by the Taibah Brass Band. Nailah on the other hand had celebrated her birthday during the event. At noon, Nailah heard her name on the microphone and she was desperate to go home. But she knew that she had to celebrate it in school. When her cake arrived, she went to class cut the cake and went home. That taught me that it’s good to spend time with friends.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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