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Sports day is a special day at school when children compete in sports events.

In my school, we have four colours, and these are Mufumbiro blue, Moroto green, Elgon Yellow and Rwenzori red. During the sports season, pupils participate in various activities such as football, badminton, netball, volleyball etc.

This year our sports day took place on 11th March 2023 at Kawempe Muslim Secondary School field. On this day, pupils, teachers and parents participated in various activities for example bicycle race, 100-meter race, and tag of war among others.

Every house worked tirelessly so that they can be the winners of the season. Of course, we expect a leading and a losing team, that’s how competitions are. The over awaited day had to be marked on our calendars as the Mufumbiro blue participated due to the house spirit we have, we couldn’t wait for that day. When the sports day reached, many things were done and at the end of the day, pupils marched to their colours and the results were announced. And yes, indeed the hard-working Mufumbiro blue made it. We made it, we were the Giants of the day, we got 6 trophies and we won the sports day because we had teamwork and support from our teachers. “Goooooooo Blue he he he, we can make it he he he, we put our hands in the air.” NEVER JOKE WITH THE SPORTS GIANTS OF THE YEAR 2023.



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