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Bonding Trip

The buildup of excitement with the nearing of bonding trip was unmatched. Students were so ecstatic and held it back like a dam does water, for they had to study first. The closer the day came, the more intense the excitement got! Finally, on the 17th of February, behold came the D- day; the long and eagerly awaited bonding trip day. Students nearly failed to shut their eyes the previous night as the entirely of their bodies was filled to the brim with ecstasy. I remember it being a pretty sunny and beautiful day that started off with a mandatory briefing from our loving peer tutors and voila! We set off Forest Park, Buloba.

Entering those gates unequivocally felt like entering a whole new world. Students gazed, in amazement, at the multitude of activities that were taking place. It was almost as if students knew they would have a blast from ‘’Go’’. It may sound hard to believe, but the moment the bus doors opened, the students burst out and were more than ready to start their fun day. There were activities like zip-lining over their man-made lake; peddle-boating, rides on the merry-go-round, bike riding and so much more. A gargantuan number, if not all, of the students wore smiles on their faces from ear to ear. It was almost as if they were taking in a breath of fresh air away from the tediousness of school.

Then came the scrumptious meal they had. After all the games they played, the heavy meal with which they were provided was like the cherry on top of the icing. The meal compromised chicken, rice, chapatti, fries and much more. The students ate this food with the accompaniment of muscle-moving music. The food and the music complemented each other so well that it lifted the moods of students even more. They all went back to the activities with excitement like they hadn’t done them the first time. Reports from a plethora of students stated that the lunch they had was among the most mouth-watering meals they had had or the French say’’J’en ail eau a` la bouche!’’ to mean mouth-watering.

As the day came to an end, it couldn’t be doubted that the students had had the time of their life. A time that surely will not be forgotten even later in life when they go their separate ways. With all the fun-filled activities that took place that day, stories will surely last a lifetime and memories will always be kept. The students were all able to come back in one piece all thanks to their peer tutors who painstakingly made sure that everything was A-Okay.

Mercy J. Babirye

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