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Lorna Doone was written by R.D Blackmore. It is a love story set in Exmoor in the year 1673. The book was named Lorna Doone after one of its main characters. Lorna Doone is intriguing because its structure is well formed as well as its setting.

John Ridd is a farmer from a village called Ore in Somerset. Lorna is a daughter of one of the leaders of the Doone Family. The Doones are a family of robbers that kill, steal and kidnap people. One day, John comes back home to find out that his father was killed by one of the Doones. John plans to seek revenge but all plans are put on hold when he meets Lorna Doone, the kindest Doone he had ever seen. The two fall in love but Lorna is forced to marry Carver Doone. Carver is the counsellor’s son. Instead of them getting married Lorna and John run away. Carver becomes furious and sends his army to attack their homes in search of Lorna. After a while, John finds out that the Doones where not only interested in Lorna’s beauty but also the riches she was to inherit. Later on, John asks Lorna for her hand in marriage and she accepts. On the wedding day, Carver returns just to shoot Lorna. Not long after that, John chases, catches and kills Carver and they live happily.

In the novel, there are two main character, John Ridd and Lorna Doone. My favourite character is John Ridd, why do I say that? John Ridd is a well-mannered, brave and charming man, I’m impressed by the way he fought Carver Doone, he didn’t think twice before going after him, he didn’t give up until Carver Doone was no more, John Ridd also illustrated his bravery when he goes back to the Doone valley to see Lorna when he finds out that the Doone might get him.

A scene that I will never forget in the novel Lorna Doone is when John Ridd got Lorna Doone and her servant Gwenny out of the Doone valley. He risks his life for his love for Lorna and he took her to a better and safe place.

I learn to never give up on love, when Lorna goes to London, John writes to her letters but she doesn’t respond, he goes to London to find her. I recommend this novel to classic romance lovers.


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