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Book Review: The Dark Side by Danielle Steel

The dark side by Danielle Steel is a novel that focuses majorly on motherhood as well as traumatic childhood experiences and their negative effect on life. The heroine of the novel "Zoe Morgan” is traumatized by tragic events in her childhood i.e. the death of her sister due to a tragic illness. This led to the separation of her parents and in the process she was neglected by both of them. She later studies but she is so distanced from her parents, after her studies, she moves to New York and joins a non-profit organization helping children like her during this time, she meets a man and they fall in love they later have a baby girl and Zoë vows to be the best mum she could be and even better than her mother but her traumatic past won’t let her be the mother she wants to be.

This novel is a thriller written by Danielle Steel it is her 120th book and also one of New York best seller books. The novel has three main characters Zoe Morgan, Austin Roberts her husband and Jaime Rose Roberts their daughter. Zoe Morgan is the protagonist in this novel she is the main character who the story revolves around while her husband in this case is the antagonist in the story. Zoe and Austin are fighting about who has better ideas for raising their daughter Jaime.

This book is written in narrative form and also in dialogue form. it is easy to understand and has a simple vocabulary; it goes directly to the point and can be read by all ages. It is a very interesting book to read because of its mystery and conflict between the characters.

It was definitely what I expected starting from the title, it gives a sense of mystery. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy thrillers and mystery.

By Anyadwe Peace Martha .

Yr .9 Manta-ray

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