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In Taibah International School Primary, we had MDD and book week which took place on Friday, 29th July, 2023. The meaning of MDD is (music, dance, drama). Book week was mainly about celebrating the readers of Taibah. Allow me to take you through the journey of year five Waxbill’s book week celebration. We practiced for our play a few days before the book week and our play had to have drama because MDD has a lot of drama. It took us so much time to learn the song we had to sing. Very many colours were designed in our celebration area and every class surely suffered to perfect their book week performance. Let me tell you the narration about our story performance entitled Nsanji.

In the village, there lived a girl named Nsanji. She lived with her mother and one day she was sent to fetch water with her friend. As they came from the well some beasts attacked them. Nsanji was the only one able to escape but the rest were eaten by beasts. The beasts really wanted to eat Nsanji because she was the only child and she was locked up in a cave. The beast only ate children and they tried to mimic Nsanji’s mother's voice so Nsanji could open the door and they could eat Nsanji. One day the beast could actually mimic Nsanji’s mom. The bad news is they ate Nsanji but the man was able to find the beast who ate Nsanji. They cut the beast open and Nsanji was free. They told the rest of the beasts never to do this again.

Year5 waxbill, Salmah Namata and the friend

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