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Taibah International School had book week. It was one serious afternoon when classes were ready to show off with readers which they will present on stage.

Children had the energy of acting on stage. They had the feeling that the head teacher would give them an award, so they used their energy on stage to show that they loved acting. Children got tired but they still acted with energy, so children used the energy that they had. Teachers were interested, especially the head teacher, children got tired, and then Teacher Samuel said that he had a friend that loves writing kids’ books. There were some posters of books such as chicken licken, King Lear and red riding hood. The friend of Teacher Samuel was an author, so the author began reading to us the book entitled ‘Nsanzi Sings a song.’ The book week assembly was done and classes took an evening snack and went back to their classrooms.

Akazuba Benitha, Yr. 5

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