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Book Week was Fun

Book week is an annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of Reading. When it is time for book week, each child gets the book he likes most and chooses a character from it. Then after we also have a general book for all of us as a section.

We had a book week in week six. It was the first time we had it at Taibah Junior School so all our friends who are not in Cambridge were surprised to see us dressed up in different attires of our favorite characters and they even wanted to join the section immediately.

We had the climax on Friday, 7th October 2022. We had a play about Sleeping beauty where characters like a prince, horse, old man, queen, king, Bride Rose the Princess, and the thirteen fairies were included. We also had a fashion show and different dances about the play. It was amazing because I saw my parents clapping. I had a costume of Pooh who was my favorite character. I had to dress up in yellow and red to bring it out well. Everyone dressed up in their favorite characters. So that is how it was fun.

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