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When you think of green, you think of lush vegetation and magnitudes of forest. The irony, however, is that green no longer exists—just an endless expanse of barren land with dried-out vegetation and dead tree stumps, incapable of growth. What once symbolised life and prosperity has been reduced to nothing more than an afterthought, an image of what once was. The green faded to a dying brown. Deforestation is the cause!

When you think of blue, you think of water, plenty of water in lakes, rivers, swamps, oceans, and seas. Blue doesn’t mean lush water anymore. It means flooding and tsunamis. Blue is a reminder of water scarcity in many, many areas of the world today. If not due to war and conflict, then because of drought and desertification. The colour of life itself is now the cause of death; by being either too much or too little.

The yellow hues of the sun, once a sign of blessing and joy, are now a weapon of mass destruction. Not because of some cosmic change in the balance. There is only one person to blame. The one at fault isn’t a big oil company or a nuclear plant somewhere. The one at fault is me. The one at fault is you as well.

In the many long years since humanity discovered certain luxuries for the betterment of life on earth, the well-being of the planet itself has been on a downward spiral, with no hope for change in sight. Human activities such as mining, the use of fossil fuels and more carbon-emitting ventures, have caused damage to the ozone layer, a part of the atmosphere responsible for the protection of the planet from the UV rays from the sun. With the depletion of the ozone layer, it isn’t such a surprise that the earth is suffering.

It is rather unfortunate that the colours of life have no meaning anymore. They are inexistent. We can only blame ourselves for the destruction of our home planet. It is not too late to save our planet. Baby steps it shall take. Baby steps shall lead the way and maybe, with enough of them, planet earth might once again boast its colours.

By: Kimberley Ogwal

Year 12 Galaxies

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