Call It Self Sabotage

Gone are the days when it was nothing and nothing, but a sheer bed of roses. The world had not a care about whether or not their grandkids would see it the way they did. In just a matter of years, there’s has been a nearly 180 degree turn on this. The world seemingly on a long and endless massacre road. Our planet, our mother is dying second by second; hour after hour; day by day. Honestly speaking, it’s as if we have put our planet in a predicament similar to a dark bottomless pit. Where will it end? Trees are being felled, swamps are being drained dry, the carbon footprint is starting to look like that of big foot and the worst thing is that we are the cause. Yes, we as humans, are polluting and slowly assassinating our innocent planet.

For starters, overwhelming amounts of pollutant gases like carbon dioxide, CFCs, nitrogen oxides and Sulphur dioxides are being released by the plethora of industries and multitudes of motor vehicles present. Sure these new technologies are seemingly enjoyable, but it’s all in vain, ever imagined the fact that your own great grandchildren won’t be able to enjoy the way you have? Doesn’t sound too pleasant now, does it? Humans are too shortsighted to see that the effects like global warming and acid rain will be the death of this planet. For crying out loud, some hotels in China require you to by ‘pure’ air! That should speak volumes. Our once clean and fresh air is turning into a chunk of fumes that have posed to be a threat to life.

Furthermore, even our waters have been greatly affected. All these chemicals and detergents, left right and centre, being poured into lakes and rivers. Also, hot water from industries and oil spills from water vessels; all factors causing an imbalance in conditions for survival. At this very moment, there’s probably a poor little fish struggling so hard to survive through the non-conducive conditions created by the pandemic that is the human beings. The funny thing is that the effects of such human activity to waterbodies are also out to get human beings themselves. It seems to be a win-win situation, but in the long run, turns into Judas. Water, being one of the most basic for survival, could also be a weapon for mass destruction if contaminated. Cancers, water- borne disease, mutations, the list is simply endless.

Since human beings are part of this planet, I believe that they too can get polluted; both mentally and physically. The general idea of mental pollution leans more towards juveniles. Many of them are being exposed to lots of inappropriate content on the world wide web that may instill indiscipline in them. What king of parents will the future have? It is expected that, like the game of relays, parents are to pass the morals they’ve gained in life to their kids. What will these teens have to pass on? Ill-manneredness? Also, physical pollution mainly includes poor feeding. People have started pumping their bodies with carbs, oils and calories. They’re obviously committing suicide as such substances slowly kill the body; cell by cell.

I, therefore, call upon you! Yes, you reading this article to stand up and protect each and every aspect of this planet. Whether it’s the air, waterbodies or minds, we need to rise up and take a stand. We need to be a voice for our planet that is continuously crying out, “Stop hurting me, please. I need you to have mercy, I beg.” So go ahead, put a smile on the planet earth’s face; planting a tree wouldn’t hurt, perhaps using environmentally friendly transport means or even walking to work. Walking alone not only curbs air pollution, but also controls physical pollution. How about proper wastes disposal?

The three Rs; reduce, reuse, recycle, could really come in handy. Come on now! Be the change and not only make our planet smile, but also put a smile on billions of smiles on the population of the world to come. The possibility of light at the end of the long dark tunnel are endless.

Babirye Mercy
Yr. 11 Griffins

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