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Cambridge is a section where learners read books and narrate them. Learners from yr.1 to yr.6 have a celebration to congratulate themselves on their good work. On that day, the classes prepared themselves. Each class had a story to act and the venue was the dining hall. The yr.6s and some teachers were helping in getting the hall set. As they were helping in bringing the tables and chairs from different classes, the yr.1s to yr.5s were practising and improving their presentation for the big show. The Yr. 1s had one of the best acts. They had good narrators and good actors. And yes, it was not going to be like this if it was not for the help of the Yr.6s and teachers. The classes came in and showed their best effort. In my opinion, I think the yr.6 parakeet and yr.5 Waxbill had blown the minds of those in the dining hall. So, we almost reached to the end of the occasion with a meal. On the table, we had food that was specially made by the school.

Awira Gabriella, Yr.6 Parakeet

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