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A car failing on the express highway road can be really traumatizing since there are no garages, no turn backs, and no nearby police stations and traffic lights according to the news we hear on radio stations and watch on TV about thieves along the road, this increases the fear even more.

So when the car fails on the highway road without help from the express road police guards, no one may know your problem until the patrol car meets you because it’s the only chance of help you would expect. Even the only solution the patrol police can help you with, is to advise you to get out of the car and they tow the car to their packing yard. This is a very disturbing moment since it was not part of the day’s plan and it is not an immediate solution to the car problem rather a security measure for the other road users.

On this road, you would not expect help from other road users since there are neither pedestrians nor motor cyclist allowed to access the road.

The cars that use this road are always driven at the highest speed and any pedestrian or cyclist could be knocked down causing a lot of deaths on the road.

My mummy said that it is the government that is concerned with the safety of the people that use this road. So, I wish for the government to put at least one service station on each side of the road where cars that fail on that road can be helped at a reasonable price.

The government can also put lights to reduce the darkness on the road and the thieves on the road that steal people’s things and harm them.

Then the road will be fun to use when we are going to visit my grandmother and when mummy is taking me to my favourite Aero Beach.

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