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Taibah International School hosted its very first career day on 18th April 2024. It was a colourful, exciting and very successful event and the best part is, it was organised by one of Taibah’s very own. Troy Rwihura, of S6, proposed the idea of the event and with determination, hard work and maybe a few tears, his vision was brought to life.  

Troy originally had the idea as an event for Entrepreneurship Week in his S5 but certain circumstances had not let his dream come to life. However, the administration saw that this dream was very much something they needed. A chance to influence their students’ career paths in a way that was both exhilarating and educational. After a few calls, Troy was given the thumbs up to go ahead with the event.

When we asked how he felt about the day, he said, “I might compare it to having a child. It’s exciting when you initially find out, then you have to double down and make it happen. There were a lot of things to consider; the venue, the speakers, and many others. I made thousands of phone calls, organised for prospective speakers, set dates, cancelled them, set some more, but this thing had to happen.” Troy worked with Ann Nkurunziza, Darren and Timothy along with teacher Christine and teacher Ritah. “I prefer to work in small groups. It’s easier to get things going that way and fewer opinions to try and please.”                

We asked how the day turned out and he responded, “It turned out smoothly, a little too smoothly even. The summit part of the day was held in the dining and I feel that in some way, holding it there did a big part in keeping people calm and welcome. It was a place they were all familiar with, and it added more to their comfort and composure. We had wanted to have the dining decorated, have screens to show some of the speakers’ information, a full panel decked out, chairs, and all that excessive stuff. At the end of the day, simplicity is key. We didn’t have any of that unnecessary flourish and drama but the day was perfect for me.” “My favourite part of the day was just looking at everyone dressed up. The excitement on the A levels’ faces as they realised that they were dressed as the same profession was quite amazing. Some even took it a step further to have multiple career path outfits, it was quite a show. It wasn’t only the A levels though, the O levels were looking just as excited and you could tell that they couldn’t wait for their turn. I also loved the yard part; the presentations on the different professions and the interactions between the speakers and the students. It just confirmed that these people were human as well, that they had their problems and that could face whatever the world threw at them. I had never felt more accomplished than in that moment. That I had created something that would forever make an impact on people’s lives, that I added value to those around me.

It is without a doubt that this event will be one for the books. It is a tradition that will encourage students to step up and make their dreams a reality and further equip the next generation of Taibah students for success, not just in their prospective careers but also in life

“As you’re working, I’m working. As you’re sleeping, I’m working.” – Troy Rwihura Eineamaani.


YR 12

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