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Careers week

Which high school did you attend? If it wasn't Taibah International school, then trust me you missed out because the opportunities availed here are blisteringly different. From the 19th to the 23rd of September, the school cemented this notion with the career week organized by Teacher Azidah and the school administration.

Various qualified and successful gurus from many fields were given adequate time to talk and inspire the students to work hard to achieve their dreams. These sessions were attended by both Cambridge A level i.e. YR.13 and YR.12 and the UNEB A level (senior 5 and Senior 6.) The invited speakers were mostly old students and parents that were able to connect with students better having shared the same experiences.

From aviation experts, accountants, entrepreneurs, agriculturalists, animators, and lawyers to a highly decorated Judge, the discussions were of top-notch intellectual level and a good opportunity for the learners to engage in interactions with people that encountered hurdles and turned out to be amiable examples.

Notably, the female speakers were grand emulations of what it means to be powerful women in a highly tactful world, and they were formidable inspirations to every young woman present. The lessons of what it takes to make it were reechoed by every single person that delivered an oration and the advice they extended were eked firmly into the minds of the students. Additionally, inspirational stories were shared, and follow-up questions were asked that left many of the attendees awestruck and if I dare say much more ready to take on the reality of the world outside the gates of the school, the world of real mature adults. Some shared campus experiences, career actualities, and even job requirements that were unknown to most. Other out-of-the-box speakers like the animator were creative catalysts that were truly unforgettable. I would say that the continuity of this practice in Taibah is a tradition that has shaped some of the greatest minds that go into higher learning and job fields to become powerful forces and we were very lucky to attend this 2022 career week.

Conclusively, some may wonder, what was the purpose of these talks and did these young, exciting minds truly learn anything. THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS, YES!

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