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One would say change is necessary in life and this is true. Change is the driving force of humanity and its existence. Change is evolution and evolution, is in fact, change. With such a principle, I embraced the idea of change. I embraced the idea of change when I left my school, my curriculum, my country and my family for the idea.

One would believe that the change itself was too much, a change of a magnitude so great that a simple child wouldn’t be able to handle it. To leave so much behind, preparing to start a whole new life, in a whole new country, in a whole new school, with entirely new prospects in friendships. I had never studied away from Tanzania before. Coming to Uganda, to study at Taibah International School would be my very first time away from home. I was no stranger to boarding school and being away from my parents for long periods. However, it was rather scary having borders separating us instead. 

The beginning was unsettling. The whole move was quite fast, and I travelled by myself. The whole experience was so fast-paced that I even forgot my mobile phone at home. I only noticed the difference when I was boarded and ready to leave. When I arrived in the country, I was lucky enough to purchase a new one. From the airport, I came straight to school. Only heaven knew what was in store for me.

I could consider myself lucky. The people I encountered on my first day were rather kind. Not necessarily going out of their way for me, but not trying to be mean either. I was surrounded by a passive environment that was just waiting for me to jump in and start my own life. Jump is exactly what I did. More of a step really, it would be hard to make a jump. Eventually, I knew I would. But at that moment, on that evening, I took a step into my new reality and said hello to my assigned roommates. From that time till this moment, I can say I have grown steady friendships with them.

The next day, I was assigned to Year Twelve Galaxies, my new peer class. Again, it was strange being the new kid, joining three weeks into the term. I was unsure how my new classmates would receive me. The hope for friendships that had kindled in me the previous night, was well extinguished by the time the room started to fill for what I was yet to know as registration. I was rather surprised when the students I sat around were quick to introduce themselves and ask the same of me. I hadn’t expected such a warm welcome. Maybe that is how Ugandans were, kind and welcoming. At least, that is what I now thoroughly believe.

Since then, I have made plenty of friends and I can say the change wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Sure, I was scared at the beginning. Maybe, I was skeptical about shifting my life so drastically. However, a change of scenery might’ve been exactly what I needed. I am better educated on the cultures and lifestyles in Uganda, even the slang as well. 

All in all, I’m sort of glad I left Tanzania, otherwise I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people like my teachers and classmates.  Change is indeed a good thing!

By Kamukulu Jordan Mali

Yr. 12 Galaxie

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