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Christian Faith in High School

Being a Christian in high school can be a unique experience. It’s a time when you’re figuring out who you are and what you believe in. Some people might have different opinions but it’s important to stay true to your faith and surround yourself with supportive friends.

I’m sure many teenagers have tried and ended up back-sliding. I truly understand because high school can be a challenging time for anyone, regardless of their beliefs. It’s important to find a supportive community of friends who share your values and can uplift you.

It's important to note that being a Christian doesn't mean you can't have fun. Faith can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment in your life. It's all about finding a balance and making choices that align with your beliefs. Besides, there a plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy high school while still staying true to your Christian values. Remember faith and fun can go hand-in-hand. So in any case, faith can be a fundamental pillar in the journey to self-discovery, which is factually a quest a myriad of teenagers undergo once they enter high school.

Yes, it does seem tough considering the pressures that couple with teenage life but that right there, can be eluded by staying true to self and faith.

-Namusoke Devine

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