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Class Party Fun Wrap-Up

We usually have A class party at the end of each term within our classes. This term, the fun started with decorating our classroom early in the morning with balloons, and ribbons and arranging snacks and drinks on the tables.

We had a joyous Assembly done by teachers and after that, we went back to our class to Evaluate the term and design a thank you letter to our parents. 

We later enjoyed the class games like the treasure hunt where we got sweets, we also went swimming: splashed the water and returned to class to have our yummy snacks and drinks. Delicious food for lunch was ready too.

After lunch, we went to the bouncing castle and jumped as if there was no one watching: it was a fun wrap-up time. Later we were picked to go back home.

 From Joy Kujang 

Year Two Lorikeet ( TISJ)

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