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Contact day

How it feels when your parent comes to school.

It's always a blessing to have a contact day in school. This is when our beloved parents have time to talk to our nice teachers. I call them nice teachers because they take care of us at school. On our contact day this term, my mother came to school to check on my progress. She was so happy to see the nice books with organised work in. She took pictures to show her friends so that they can bring children to join Taibah. My mother thanked my teachers so many times because she was impressed with what she saw. My teacher gave my mother methods of helping me while writing my work at home so that I can maintain good performance both at home and school. Both my mother and my nice teacher are good friends since contact day. I love contact days because they help our parents to know our teachers and the teachers to know the parents very well.

From Thea Miti Paige

P.1 Falcon

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