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I love that I participated in cross country and I was the seventh. Being seventh is not excellent and one should not be proud of it but the mere fact that I participated, I am very proud because I tried and I didn’t let my house down. I was going to give up but I didn’t want my house to lose and also let down my house patron. I promise next time I am going to win cross country for Elgon Yellow. Yes, the journey is always long but I shall also start training early enough. If I didn’t participate, my house was going to lose those points and that would make me really angry. In fact, even God would not forgive me! In Taibah, we have a slogan which says, “Winning is not everything but participation is.”

Nevertheless, Mufumbiro Blue won the trophy for cross country.

Mugema Christiano Vianney

P.7 Pigeon

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