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This was a day like no other, a day to remember in Taibah history. Seeing all the different tribes was a wonder. My mind was blown away by hearing different languages and seeing the amazing cultural wear. The excitement filled the atmosphere, and the tension was so high, to know the next Miss Africa. Contestants gave it their all but we all knew there would be one winner. Dances were performed to showcase the beauty and pride of different cultural groups. I know we are all proud of our culture but no one can be as proud as me.

The different foods all looked amazing and unique. Northern Uganda, Western Uganda, Eastern Uganda and so on, all had such breathtaking ideas of what they were going to do, but of all one! Had to please the judges. Wow! No word could ever describe the thrill sending chills past everyone’s spines. I saw a display of art, culture and well-presented works. Teachers dressed in their cultural wear. This was something I thought I wouldn’t see, but in Taibah the impossible is always possible.

Shiloh was made the Miss Africa of 2023; all the participants give it their all but like I said there can only be one winner and of course there was. At the end of the day, we were left with no more energy left to celebrate, how wonderful we all were to be who and what we are. Thanks to where we come from. That’s why Africa is my pride, 2023 Culture Day was a day to never forget.


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