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If you’re wondering what a Tesla is, in simple terms, it is a vehicle that runs on electricity. For it to operate, it needs over 34kW (kilowatts)of electric power to move a distance of 100 miles equivalent to 54 kilometres. At rest, a person has the capacity of generating over 100W (watts) of electric power which power can light a bulb for a good number of hours. Surprisingly, a person sprinting can generate over 200W (watts)equivalent to 2kW of electric power. So it would take over 17 people running to generate 34kW of electric energy which is the required electric energy to operate a Tesla for a distance of 100 miles. One person can therefore generate an amount of electric energy to operate a Tesla for a distance of 34km.

You’re probably wondering how the human body can generate electric energy, well here is the answer to your question.

It all starts with the food we eat, if we eat food, it is digested and finally assimilated into the body, this food comprises of ions such as potassium and sodium which are positively charged. This food increases the concentration of potassium and sodium ions outside the body cells which creates a stiff electro-chemical gradient hence influencing the flow of these ions from their point of higher concentration to their point of lower concentration. This flow of charges is what is termed as electric current from the human body hence the hypothesis that a human body can power a Tesla.

Did you know that the human body can illuminate light?

The human body has the ability to transform one form of energy into another form of energy…

To be continued.

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