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Digital Exposition 2024

We're thrilled to share the electrifying highlights from our inaugural annual digital competitions at Taibah International School! This year, driven by the visionary insights of Mrs. Kakooza (mother to Hibatulah and Abdul Malik) and our esteemed school Principal, the Taibah Exposition came to life!

From digital content for problem-solving to entrepreneurial endeavors, our students showcased their brilliance with unbridled enthusiasm. Imagine this: twenty-four peer classes, 200 students, and a lineup of industry experts, including luminaries such as Ronald K. Sebuhinja from dfcu Bank, Ernest Mwebaze of Sunbird AI fame, and a league of tech virtuosos including Albert Lumu, Mrs. Kakooza from MTN, Steven Muhangi, Fredrick Magala, and Liz Nassanga—all under one roof!

The event spanned a thrilling five hours, brimming with creativity and inspiration. Drumroll, please, as we unveil our champions: the Senior 2 Black Panthers emerged victorious, with TISA AXIOM by S.3 Sapphire and SRS by Yr.11 Charis clinching the first and second runner-up titles, respectively.

But wait, there's more! A live popularity vote had hearts racing as SRS by Yr.11 Charis stole the show with an impressive 172 votes. Talk about a digital showdown!

Here's a delightful twist: our junior classes stole the spotlight, surpassing even the A-levels in both participation and quality. It's a testament to the boundless potential of our young tech wizards, and we couldn't be prouder!

Before we bid farewell, a heartfelt thank you is in order. To the dedicated teachers, the passionate students, the headteacher, and of course, the indomitable Mrs. Kakooza—for steering us towards digital greatness with unwavering support and guidance.

In conclusion, let's raise a toast to a future illuminated by innovation, fueled by creativity, and shaped by the boundless potential of our digital dreamers. Until next time, stay curious, stay inspired, and let's continue to chart new frontiers together!

Warm regards,

Tr. Dan

Digital Expo team leader.

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Amazing! well done Tr Dan, we cannot wait to have more of your creativity in the digital era. Warm regards to Mrs Kakooza!

Gefällt mir
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